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    Oct 04, 2007
    Gap in the range?
    Why is there not a machine in the range to bridge the gap between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro?

    I don't want an all in one machine as i alreadyt have 2 x 24" NEC monitors. the mac mini is too limp wirsted and the mac pro is far more computer than i need!

    Why can't we have something in between at around the 800-1000 mark to bridge that gap?

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    I guess that's something you should ask Apple? I suppose the iMac is the mid-range, but if you don't want an all in one thing...


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    People have been clamoring for such a device for quite some time. I wouldn't expect Apple to do much about it though

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    We really do need another mid-range PowerMac type machine, I also have the issue that I have a really nice dual widescreen monitor setup with my g4 PowerMac but want to go intel mac, but for me the base model single processor Mac Pro is just too pricey!

    And I'm sorry but I'm really not in love with the design of the Intel and G5 all in ones, the G4 iMac was a work of art.

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    I hope that one day we will see a mid-range desktop mac...
    I have the exact same problem right now...but i think ill go for the MacPro...not much i can do i think...macmini aint for my job, iMac, umm i already have a better monitor and i dont really like the idea of the iMac, so...MacPro is the only solution...
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    The same here. I am just planning to buy a MacPro next year sometime (I hope). I was going to got for a new iMac. I am even considering another MBP but mine is less than two years old and is still very fast. I just want something to play a few games (nothing major) and one that I can edit on.

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    Perhaps purchasing a PowerMac G5 second hand might suit the section of the market you're referring to?

    I've heard they're still very capable machines.

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    Apple's midrange desktops are the iMacs and it does not seem likely that they will change that with a cheaper MacPro. I think it is quite a good way to clearly brand the machines (although the highend iMac can not really be called midrange.....).

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