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Thread: erasing a HD

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    erasing a HD
    We just bought new eMacs and want to get rid of the old iMacs. we have about 7 of them. I have two disks, I have a system resotre disk for os 8.5 and a system install disk for os9.0.4

    when I install the os 9 it doesn't erase the computer like I thought it would. Everything is still the way it was only with the newer operating system.

    I don't want to send the computers out with some hidden company info on them. is there a different way to ensure that the HD is wiped clean and new?


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    Boot the iMac with the OS9 CD, go to the Utilities folder on the CD and start Drive Setup. It's the OS9-equivalent of OS Xs Disk Utility.

    With Drive Setup you can initialize (=format) the harddisk.

    After that, install OS9. :mac:

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