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    need help with Mdd g4
    i have a g4 mdd that the proccessor was toast replaced daughter card and logic board also memory now when turn on i get 1 beep . the memory i bought was pc2700 not sure if it is being reconized it is supposed to have pc2100 bought memory off ebay not sure if it is backword compatible . could this be the problem ?

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    One beep usually signifies no RAM installed. Open the machine, and remove the module/s,clean and then make sure they are firmly seated and try again. If still no joy may well be high density PC modules which will not work.

    PC2700 is backwards compatible with 2100. Here are the memory specs from OWC at

    At less than twenty bucks per module you can't go wrong as they are <ac specialist and have a lifetime guarantee with their modules.

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    Sep 19, 2008
    i have tried that a couple of times the ram is suppose to be low density ram
    . i have ordered some form owc and will try it . i was just wondering if anyone had ever had that problem

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