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    Editing DVDs recorded from television

    I've just bought a Panasonic DVD Recorder (the E55) and I'm trying to learn if I can use it to move video recordings I make from television onto my mac. I have a friend with a PC who says he can record on TV and then edit the discs on his PC to remove commercials and so on.

    The player recommends using DVD-RAM discs, but can also record (once only) onto DVD-R discs.

    Today I made a recording onto DVD-RAM. I brought it to my mac (G5, dual processor with superdrive). At first the disc failed to mount completely, so I purchased a piece of software called ReadDVD to see if that would help. The disc now mounts as a volume but the contents aren't accessible to DVD Player. I can open the .VRO file in Quicktime Pro and it plays -- but with no sound and in the wrong aspect ratio (it appears as 4:3 on the mac). It is also protected, so a clip cannot be copied/pasted from the video file.

    I feel like I must be doing something wrong to have gotten so complicated -- does anyone have any experience or expertise to share using DVD-RAM discs on the mac? I would be ever so grateful for advice.

    Many thanks

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    I didn't know the superdrive even supported DVD-RAM disks?

    Sorry, I'm not much help!

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