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    20" and 24" models
    Hi there - I have seen conflicting information regarding the quality of the 20" imac display. My question is - are the 20" panels 8bit or not (refering to latest models with Penryn processor). Got a chance to compare 20" and 24" side by side, both displaying the same jpg.
    My observations were - 24" screen seemed brighter (may just have been adjustment) but colour wise they seemed identical.
    Both had very wide viewing angles with little if any change in colour at the extreme angles. I want the imac primarily for photo editing (amateur) RAW files.
    The rumours are suggesting that Apple have substituted a 6 bit panel in place of the 8bit one which would only give 240000 colours rather than 16M of an 8bit screen.
    hoping someone can clear this up for me.

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    I've not noticed any degradation of colors- I think that it's just a rumor.

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