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Thread: 24" Aluminium imac?

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    Oct 04, 2007
    24" Aluminium imac?
    I can't stand glossy screens but really want a 24" aluminium imac!

    Has anyone ever though of removing the glass front abd replacing it with just a bezel, i.e. just the outer black part of the glass front with out the glass?

    This way you'd leave the matte screen exposed but still have a bevel around the outside!

    If you get my drift!

    Any thoughts?

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    If you want an aluminum 24' iMac, then buy it. Removing the glass and messing with the frame or bezel will very likely void the warranty. If you want a 24" matte large screen display, there are plenty to choose from. Buy an aluminum MBP and an external 24" matte monitor and you're in business.


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    My glossy screen on my 24" imac is sweet as a nut!
    I wouldn't ever dream of doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAIGYBABES View Post
    My glossy screen on my 24" imac is sweet as a nut!
    I wouldn't ever dream of doing that.
    You probably don't need a colour calibrated screen for image editing then!

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    Easy answer is to add a separate monitor via the mini-DVI port in the back. I have two monitors and you can add any monitor, so make your second the size you want and the make you want but make sure your connector is DVI.

    I do not know if the second monitor can be calibrated accurately though. Do some research here. I have my iMac screen tilted to the side slightly so as not to look at it straight on and have long ago forgot about the glossy look.

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    turn the brightness to the middle level and calibrate the monitor.

    Unless your working for Coca-cola or Nike I think you'll be good to go

    I haven't had a problem with the 24" imac my employee has been using. And we run 2 large format and one grand format printer and I'm not even going to get into my color management routine.

    And I do work for Coca-Cola and Nike

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    The screen is glossy too, not just the glass.

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    That is true it is glossy even with the glass removed

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