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Thread: Sawtooth AGP, what memory to use...

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    Question Sawtooth AGP, what memory to use...
    I'd like to add 512mb in my G4 tower. Prices for the PC100 512mb are a bit steep. Newer memory costs half as much.

    Where can I get a good deal for memory?
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    Do remember you can use PC133 RAM as long as it does not use High Density chips. That still costs a bit though and I know older RAM is getting up there in price. Do check OWC or New Egg.

    I have a Sawtooth and 2 of the sticks are PC133 Kingston.

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    Start here and see the prices quoted and then shop around. OWC are Mac specialist who have a lifetime guarantee on their memory modules. Use PC133 so if you update to a Quicksilver, the modules will work:-

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