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    Conflicting info..
    24" 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac... I've been reading some places it can take up to 4gb of memory and others it can only handle up to 3. Also, I've been reading that it's less efficient to not upgrade memory evenly (3gb and a 1gb instead of two 2gb) so if this thing can only handle up to 3gb, and i currently have 2 X 1gb sticks in there, how much faster would it be to swap one of my 1gb sticks for a 2gb? Enough to run windows in parallels for accounting software and still use firefox and other simple apps in mac osx?

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    go for the upgrade, 3 gig is the max tho

    basically you can install 4 gig but you will only ever see 3

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