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    Slow iMac (Help!)

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    Sep 15, 2008
    Slow iMac (Help!)
    My iMac is running a bit slow and was wondering if you had to do any sort of defrag with it or if you can clear unused shortcuts etc from the system.

    I have had it for a few months but bombarded it with new stuff, removed stuff and added files. I have moved all my media files, pictures and music files to an external hard drive but I want it operating at its best again.

    Any ideas? Cheers!


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    Slow iMac (Help!)
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    runnning simple maintenance tools can speed up your system. there is a large variety, but i'm at school and only know one off my head. but macupdate or version tracker (both linked in my sig) probably have a whole list of freeware maintenance tools.

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