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    iMac: two screens?
    Hey I just got a new iMac 20 in. And I was hoping to connect it to another screen and expand the "visual real estate" by having two monitors. However when I connect the other monitor the only option I have is to mirror the two screens which isnt what I want. Is there any way to have two monitors running and not have them mirror?

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    check your display settings
    Go in to System prefrences > Displays

    There should be an Arrangement button, if there isn't your mac only supports mirroring. sorry

    if you see an arrangement button you can start fiddling around with resolution, as well as moving the dock to your external monitor.

    "The Arrangement tab shows up if you have more than one display connected and your video card supports spanning across displays. It lets you pick where the two displays meet virtually and which one is the main display, and it also lets you toggle display mirroring off and on" -

    good luck.
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