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Thread: Most efficient SATA/Ram config for 2008 Mac Pro?

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    Most efficient SATA/Ram config for 2008 Mac Pro?
    Hi there. I am getting heavily into 3D animation and modelling, and as such have purchased a 2.8Ghz 2008 Mac Pro 8-core.

    I currently have raid-0 my two 320Gb hard disks; I know it's not very secure, but I'm just in the setting up phase right now, so that doesn't matter.

    My question is this; is there a MASSIVE performance increase, when upgrading from the stock 2x1Gb FBDIMM sticks, to, say 16Gb in 2Gb sticks, or 32Gb in 4Gb sticks?. What is most noticable??.

    Finally, what raid configuration is optimal for both speed and peace of mind?.

    Thanks people.

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    You have no idea what a mac pro is like with that much ram till you try it.

    I USE at least 10 of my 14 GB all day long so for me it's benificial. For you it will also.

    I highly recommend 16 gb any day of the week.

    You should see how much logic pro and Carrera 6 love lots of ram.

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    Kingston Europe have just shipped me 32Gb of FBDIMMS.... as long as I do a review on them... and they cost £0. I'll post a photo when they arrive, so the less polite members of the forums don't accuse me of lying!

    Thanks for your help.

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    I have used a Mac Pro running 16GB of ram in a studio environment, even running Pro Tools HD with a bunch of plug-ins running, Safari, and Mail this thing had memory headroom out the ***. Video will eat more of that headroom though.

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    Okay... so the ram arrived today!

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    use RAID 5

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