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    Imac 333MHz cdrom replacement
    The CD drive went out on my kids imac, and I want to replace it.

    Is this a standard ide drive? Any suggestions on replacing this on the cheap??

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    Try They have a CDRW replacement for this model. I installed one in my iMac 333 about 3 years ago and have never had any problem. The exact url is: Price is $179. Opening this model is not the easiest thing but MCE includes clear instructions. Another possibility is to try a place that sells refurbished parts like or For an illustrated guide to replace the CD or HD try:

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    Concept of C H E A P
    Thanks for the reply. Spending $150 on this was what I was trying to avoid. I can buy a complete second unit on ebay for under a hundred.

    I have a pile of old ide cd drives, some laptop format, and I'm trying to find out whether they'll work in this imac.

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    The CD drive for this iMac is an IDE/ATA drive and was also used in a powerbook model. I think it was used in the Lombard and Pismo models. You would have to separate the drive mechanism from the carrier in the iMac and replace it with the p'book drive mechanism. Sorry, I don't have more exact info for this.

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