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Thread: 24" Imac Monitor is one huge Easter Pastel Party

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    24" Imac Monitor is one huge Easter Pastel Party
    I need some help figuring out why the only colors that are showing up on my 24" IMac are those in the spirit of the Easter Holiday. It is killing my eye's!!!!

    We woke it from it's slumber yesterday and the screen only is showing grey/white/tints. It is still working properly. All the software programs are functioning. I have made sure all the updates are current. We restarted a few times and shutdown and removed the power with no luck. We have also recalibrated the display a few times only to make my eyes hurt even more.

    After a call to the apple support line in which we only got the response of "I am not sure what to recommend" I am a bit frustrated. We are military and currently located overseas so there is no genius bar, except maybe the pachinko parlor and those folks are not so very, very smart.

    I don't think that this common problem, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Try looking around on some Mac sites for a color profile for a 24"

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    It's difficult to trouble shoot that symptom because it can be caused by more than one defect. For example, it could be a bad graphics chip set on the iMac MB, or it may be something as simple as a bad internal cable. In any event, it probably should be looked at by an Apple tech.

    You say you're stationed overseas. You mentioned Pachinko Parlor - are you in Japan or Okinawa? There should be an authorized Apple repair center in both locations. Most Japanese people I've met speak English.

    Also, if you purchased your iMac at the BX, NX, or PX, they'll send it out for you to be repaired by Apple.


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