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    Sep 13, 2008
    Simultaneous use of headphones and internal speakers
    Recently purchased an iMac and have it interfaced to a multiroom Russound audio solution through the audio headphone output.

    Does anyone know a way to config the system to operate the internal and headphone jack simultaneously?

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    You could try disabling the speaker cutout switch just inside the audio-out port, but it means opening up your iMac. Another way is to solder in a splitter, but that too is an 'inside job'.

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    Dec 31, 2010
    On a 2010 iMac the startup sound comes through the internal speakers even with an optical cable in the headphone/digital output socket.

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    I am looking to do the same with mine except have larger speakers connected instead of headphones. I searched the internet when I first got my iMac but I didn't find a solution. Here's to hoping that changes.

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    you could if you use a airport display and use airplay might not be what your looking for just a idea

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    i know its expensive, but an audio interface would allow that.
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    Its not available but it should be.A pain to have to keep your external speakers powered on when doing simple computer stuff.

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