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    Question Mac Pro, does it get double-boxed when shipped?
    Hi everyone,

    New to the forums and I've come for a disappointing reason. I am about to have a 3rd Mac Pro shipped out to me because the first two have been damaged in transit. I was told that they would double box it for sure the second time, but when I received it today it wasn't double-boxed. I don't want to even bother opening it up because last time I though nothing of it, but later discovered issues with the hardware.

    If you want to see for yourself, check out the pictures I posted on TwitPic here:

    So Apple has told me repeatedly that they always double-box their products, and for good reason. They take pride in their products, including its packaging, because, after all, many of us judge a book by its cover. They want to assure me, as a customer, that they took great care of my purchase, my investment, as they shipped to me. Well, that's what they say, and now it's the second time that this has happened, it sounds a whole lot of BS (more than it already did).

    Because Apple hasn't been able to provide me with a solid answer nor a guarantee that they double box everything -- they say this is very rare -- I want to ask all Mac Pro owners out there who have had their Mac Pros shipped whether it was double-boxed or not.

    I know I'm being a bit picky, but I'm not about to settle, especially when I spending an excess of $3000. And now it's a little about Apple keeping their word.

    Anyway, Mac Pro owners out there, hit me back ASAP! I'd really appreciate it.

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    Honestly, there should be enough packaging in the box to prevent damages. Perhaps the original hardware issues were not from the poor handling? Also, those puncture holes should not be happening. I'd put the box in your car, drive to the UPS/FedEx/whoever it shipped through transit station and be like "what the heck is this...." there is no excuse for such abuse of a package, especially when its obvious its a computer.

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    Everything I've ordered from Apple has been double-boxed.

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    I've never received an Apple product that was not double-boxed. Like another poster said, take it to the delivery company and demand an explanation. Or, if you have an Apple store nearby, demand an exchange.

    Good luck!
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    All 3 of my notebooks were, the iMac I ordered for my mom wasn't.

    Although as others have said: The regular retail packaging should be enough to protect it...

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    I think you are being absolutely ridiculous. I can understand if the actual Mac Pro was damaged, but, the box? My Mac Pro arrived last week (not double boxed) in similar shape to yours and my Mac Pro works fine.

    Hardware problems with the first one? Fine, then return it.. So far you don't even know if the second one has any issues as you are assuming it will be damaged because the box is a bit damaged..

    Open it,.. If it's not damaged, move on.

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    The only item I received that was doubled boxed were my laptops. My PowerMac G5 and my Mac Pro were not. Your system should be okay with as much packing and apple uses.
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