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    !!!Purchasing Advice First-Gen G5!!!
    I am looking into purchasing a friends first generation G5. here are the specs i know so far:

    First generation iMac G5.
    1.6 GHz processor
    1 GB memory RAM
    80 Hard drive
    OS X 10.3 (Panther)

    is this a good buy for only $300? are there things i should look for when i go look at it tomorrow? any known issues with first-gen g5's i should know about? i'm not well versed in apples, just windows based computers, but would like to own an apple and maybe make a complete switchover.

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    Sep 12, 2008
    any advice would be good, guys and girls. i'm seeing stuff all over the net about fan problems...could someone elaborate?

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    The price is right and the G5 is still a very good machine which should serve you well. As far as seeing "fan problems" regarding the G5 on the net, consider this: folks write into forums such as this one when they're having difficulties. The overwhelming majority of G5 owners (and owners of other models) have no problems whatsoever.

    Examine the machine carefully, try it out, and use your eyes and ears to detect if there is anything wrong.


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