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    Dual 867 g4 Usable under leopard?
    Hey everyone, I've been swapping out my art department's old G4 Powermacs for new intel iMacs, and finding new uses for the old equipment.

    I'll have an extra Dual 867mhz MDD G4 with 1gb of ram next week, and I need a machine to run leopard in order to efficiently share a large format printer over the network and to run a local copy of acrobat and illustrator.

    It meets basic reqs of course, but has anyone run 10.5 on this machine that can share insight into how smooth it'll run? Don't want to waste my time installing if I don't have to.

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    Leopard will run but suggest upgrade memory to 2GB.

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    Yep, it will run fine
    I have a QS867 with Leopard installed and it works great. I ran CS3, Quark and pretty much everything else I have on my Mac Pro and G5 at the office and the old reliable Quicksilver hangs in there pretty well. I recently brought home a G5 from work so the QS doesn't get much work anymore but I'm confident enough with it to keep all of my software on it intact as a backup system. I have to echo Harry's recommendation on the memory upgrade. Put as much as you can in there. It's worth it.


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