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    Mac Mini - No power
    Hi guys,

    So let me start from the beginning. I have a Macbook and upgraded my RAM from 1GB to 4GB. I researched how to install it , and successfully completed my first upgrade on my Mac, or any computer for that matter.

    I was very pleased with myself and thought I should swap out the 512MB RAM in my Mac Mini with the 1GB RAM. I looked online for instructions and thought I did well, until I plugged my Mac Mini in and... NO POWER!!! I went back and retraced my steps and noticed the "power switch cable" was loose. When I flipped the hard drive on the other side to access the RAM, it must have been caught on something and got loose. It was only holding on to the motherboard on one side of the connection. I then proceeded to press down on the other side and started up my Mac Mini. It worked. However, when I put back on the case, the wire must have came loose again and .... NO POWER.

    I now know my problem is with that "power" wire. I do not know the correct name. While fidgeting with the wire and trying to make it stay connected, the whole connection came apart. I somehow managed to make it start up again, but the power does not last, because as soon as it gets loose, it loses power.

    So, my question is, what are my options.

    Can I somehow reconnect the wire to the motherboard?

    Do I have to solder it, or can I even fix the connection? (I don't know how to, or even if I did, would not feel comfortable soldering)

    Do I have to replace the whole motherboard?

    My warranty has already expired, but is it something that they can do at the Apple Store?

    Anyways, my whole experience of upgrading my Macs is a little bittersweet. My Macbook flies with 4GB and my Mac Mini is grounded.

    I hope you guys can help and guide me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


    Below is a picture of the wire that has become disconnected.
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    Mac Mini
    Wow man, that sucks. When I upgraded my mini with an extra stick of RAM I had an extremely tough time getting the power connector back on. My only guess is that you try to solder it back into the connector.
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    this must be the "mac quality" i've seen so much about here

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    Quote Originally Posted by sup3r View Post
    this must be the "mac quality" i've seen so much about here
    Do you know what a Mac Mini is? Smaller inside than a lot of laptops with all laptop sized parts. Most laptops have very fragile little connectors that can be broken. Lets keep this post on topic please to help the OP.

    To the OP, You might be able to solder it back depending on how it broke. I have taken apart many Minis and know what you are talking about but it never broke on me so far. You would need a very fine tipped soldering iron if you did try to solder it back to the connector.

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    I would try the apple store first. they may be able to help. or a local mac repair shop in your area?

    hmm, wonder if mac medics can help? they are near me. perhaps you can ship to them and let them fix?

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    Thanks to everyone who replied. Here are a few more pictures of my Mac Mini.
    This is the end of the cable.
    Here is where it is supposed to be connected to.

    Can I simply solder this back or must the connection be replaced?

    Also, does this cable have a proper name?

    Thanks again,


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    So I went to the Apple Store and asked one of the workers if they do any soldering to the motherboard of a Mac Mini to reconnect the power button cable. She went to the back to ask one of the techs and came back to say that they would have to replace the whole motherboard. She then asked if it was still under warranty. I said no, and she said that they can not help me then...

    So, I made an appointment anyways to talk to a Mac genius, and hope he or she has a better solution than to replace the whole motherboard to reconnect one wire.

    How much does a new motherboard cost? Probably better to buy a whole new

    Anyways, I am sure someone in San Diego can solder and reconnect this wire before I buy a whole new motherboard.

    Still hopeful,

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