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    Lightbulb dual monitors power on/off
    I currently have an intel Mac Pro with the graphics card with dual DVI outputs. I am using both outputs for a dual monitor (both are Mac monitors) setup on my desktop.

    My main monitor turns on/off automatically when starting up/shutting down, but my second won't, (it just goes to sleep), forcing me to exert myself and manually press the power button on the side! This is a lot of work! I'm lazy! Shouldn't the second monitor turn on/off automatically like the first? Is this a software question? Don't hurt me if it is!

    Help! My finger is getting a callous!

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    Leve the monitors power switch on all the time. When I shut down my mac pro at night I leave the monitors on. As soon as I start up the comp in the morning It boots the white screen only on one monitor, then the 2nd one will pop up soon after.

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    i have a mac with dual monitors, mine seem to work fine.
    the second monitor should turn on at the same time as the first. maybe hardware problem. try connecting your graphics card on another mac and see if its the graphics card.

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