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Thread: Please help save a dying imac!

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    Unhappy Please help save a dying imac!
    Hey everyone, I would appreciate any suggestions on what I should do with this problem. My imac has been incessantly freezing up and all I can do is turn it off and then back on and try again, and it sometimes works anywhere from 1 minute to a few hours, and every time increment in between before freezing again. Its also been having display issues (sometimes on startup it will look like its starting up with the apple logo and spinning thing but after that will go to a blank screen with diagonal lines, from which there is no recovery). Sometimes I will see remnants of these display issues while the computer is working as well. ...also sometimes it can't find the airport card. Don't know if this is linked to the same problem in any way.

    I took it to the Apple store (it's no longer under any warranty) and they said it was prob the video card, which can't just be replaced because it's attached to the logic board. So that would probably have to be replaced ...costing me at least a grand! What??!! Thats not possible for me. I might as well buy a new one if thats the case.

    Does anyone know of anything I can try that costs less than a thousand dollars?! It would be a shame to have a good computer minus a video card just go to waste if thats the case!!


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    Run Apple Hardware Test and see what that advises. Also what does SMART status say about the HDD in Disk Utility?

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    I took my 20 inch same problem g5 to the mac store they said it wasent under warranty but he said he do it anyway. Mines perfect now!

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