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    Exclamation PM 7300/500 HD Size Limit ?
    I need to buy a new hard drive for my PowerMac 7300/500 (G3 500Mhz upgrade). I'm considering at least a 120GB, but would like to know if I can install the 160GB HD also? What actually is the limit? Could I have two internal 120GB, or even two internal 160GB drives?

    Presently I have an internal 6GB (from my dead G3 B&W), and an internal 40GB drive. The 40GB HD is about ready to bite the dust, so I need a new drive very soon!!

    -- PowerMac 7300/500 (500Mhz G3 upgrade), 200MB RAM
    -- OS 8.6/9.1

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    The 7300 used an internal scsi drive. Since you're using a G3 drive an internal ATA controller has been added. In either case - SCSI or added ATA - you should be able to replace it with a 120 GB or larger.

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