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    Strange request (missing monitor)
    So when I returned to school this September, I found that my monitor was missing from storage. That's not a huge loss, it was a definite granny monitor, but of course I can't use my G4 without it.
    SInce then, I;ve purhcased a monitor on Craigslist, but I don't have a car, and my roommate (with a car) is gone until Monday.

    My room is silent. I'm going nuts. I was wondering if there was a way to open iTunes using just keyboard shortcuts. If there is, could I hear it?

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    You might need to go door-knocking to find someone who'll lend you a monitor meantime, or who'll let you connect your G4 to one. There is a way to open Applications with keystrokes, but it's within Sys Prefs -> Keyboard shortcuts - which you need to be able to see to program!! Time to switch on your radio.

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    well you bought a monitor on cl, why not put a post on cl looking for a ride to pick it up?

    Go to the library and put that ad up
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