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Thread: Question about peripherals

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    Question about peripherals
    I recently purchased an eMac on ebay that came with no keyboard or mouse. I've been considering buying an official apple keyboard and mouse, but I'm not sure as to whether something else would work.

    By this I mean, would it work if I purchased any USB keyboard and mouse and used that for my peripheral? Or would I need an official Apple product?


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    Third party stuff should work

    I am using an MS wireless keyboard and just plugged in an old PC gerneric mouse, and it worked straight away

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    Louishen's right, an eMac with OS X handles generic peripherals with ease. I'm using an Excel keyboard and a no-name optical mouse. I also have a backup Genius PS2 keyboard that works via a Belkin PS2-USB adaptor. Much cheaper than Apple branded devices too.

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