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    My iMac keeps freezing
    Hello all, im new to the site, i think i got the appropriate place for this if not could a mod please move it. I have a I mac 24" 2.8 ghz core duo 2. It's still under warrenty was having problems with it not starting up. they replaced the logic board and power supply, and airport thing. problem was solved for a couple days. now im having a problem with the computer freezing during start up. I managed to keep it on long enough to reinstall the CD's that came with the comp worked for about 6 hours and then froze. It now wont even make it past the white screen with the apple icon. I've even tried holding the option buttong to do a forced start but once i click the HD pic it goes to the white apple icon screen again and freezes. Anyone have any ideas? I'm sick of this apple computer It's my first apple computer and its gave me nothing but problems. I thought they were suppose to be the best. anyway sorry about the rant im just frustrated with this thing.

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    Even a brand new Mercedes Benz can turn out to be a lemon. Take your iMac back to the Apple store, talk to the service manager and ask for a new machine. Be polite, but forceful.


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    ya I was on the phone with them for awhile today, since i ordered mine online and dont have any apple stores around my area. there calling me back. In the mean time I would like to get some stuff off my computer that i of course havent made a back up of, so if anyone has any ideas on how to get it to stop freezing please let me here them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hitem View Post
    Hello all, im new to the ****e,


    Sorry to hear about your dilemma

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    lol my bad, ill fix it

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    sorry to hear.

    I guess it can happen... when they start replacing parts, it's time to ask for a new machine. after all you spent a lot of $$. You should not have any problems.

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