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    Mac Mini + Microsoft Keyboard…
    I've just purchased a mac mini (2ghz, 2gb ram, 120gb ram) and I'm going to be using my old wireless microsoft keyboard and mouse. The only problem is that some of the keys are different to that of the apple keyboard, for example the @ symbol is between the enter key and the 'L' key, the " key is the shift + 2 and so on.... basically some of the buttons are in different places…

    I just wanted to ask whether or not OS X will change it so that when i press the buttons it does what it shows on the keyboard and not what the apple keyboard what do normally…
    Vikram Shah

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    I'm using a generic PC keyboard, and there are some adjustments to be made, eg. the Win symbol key is the Command key, the Alt key is Option, the @ symbol is above the 2 numeral.

    I have seen your setup on a HP keyboard in a Win environment. With your Mac, use the flag symbol in the top menu bar in Finder > Open International > Input Menu and set the Prefs to (I guess) British > Roman script.

    I use Keyboard Viewer or Character Palette sometimes to get the symbols I need.

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