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Thread: Imac buying help

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    Imac buying help
    Hi everybody I'm new to the forums and hope this is going in the right place. I haven't had a mac in a few years and was looking to buy a new system at the beginning of next year, but my college sent me a deal on a imacs from the school bookstore and it doesn't look like I can pass it up. Here's the deal:

    Model MB322LL/A:
    iMac 24, 2.8GHz, 2GB, 500GB, SuperDrive, 256VRAM

    $1318 with Applecare.

    Being a student it's also good for an ipod rebate.
    I know its an older model, but for the price is it a good idea or should I wait? Thanks for your help. -Jed

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    All seems good to me.

    Are you sure it's an older model? I thought the older ones from before May 08 had 1Gb RAM?

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