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Thread: Cube Upgrade

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    Cube Upgrade
    Yes, thats right - I still have my cube (running OS9 no less!). Obviously I have a newer mac now (a powerbook 17" that I will shortly be selling with a new screen attached and a Macbook pro is coming to me next week) but I was wondering how upgradable the cube is? Ideally I'd love to speed it up properly as I love the thing. I heard rumours that 1.6 Ghz or so was doable as well as 1.5gb of RAM. Is that correct?

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    I had a quick look online and according to wikipedia there is (or was) an upgrade for the cube that boosted it to 1.8ghz. The max ram is 1.5Gb and do not forget about the video card upgrade. I believe there was the Gforce mx 2 and there was a ATI option that you could buy separately.

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