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    New video card power supply
    The time has come to finally upgrade the video card in the mac pro. This is entirely down to playing computer games (GTA4 will surely be out soon!) so it only has to run in windows, and I'll continue to use the 7300gt in osx (which I think should work fine).

    I've been recomended the ATI 4870, which looks great and everything, and is just about affordable (certainly more justifiable than a ps3).

    Problem is it apparently needs 2 seperate power feeds from the power supply, and I know nothing about that. I don't have access to the mac pro to have a look inside it atm, so I was hoping someone could help me out. Main reason for the hurry is I've been offered one really cheap, so I'd just buy it if it would work...

    Anyone know?


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    You need to look at the wiring in your Mac and see if there are two video card power cables available. You of course know you have the one hooked up to your current video card, but you need to see if there's a second tucked away. Perhaps the PSU has modular cabling, meaning you could perhaps add that cable to the PSU and then down to the video card...

    If you can't find a second video card supply cable (six by two connections), or that the PSU is modular, a call to Apple Tech Support or a visit (or call) to an Apple Store may be able to help you. They won't help with the video card, but they should at least be able to tell you about the power supply.

    You could also call ATI or the card maker and ask them if he card will perform with only one connector. Or if a cable with a Y connection (one from PSU - two to video card) would serve as well...


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