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    Salvage Job - Help Needed (Please)
    Hi Everyone, recently my iMac (iSight model) broke. I have no power at all and have run out of repair options, so I have decided to buy a new computer. However, I want to try and recover anything from the computer that may be useful. I am removing the hard-drive and Ram, but are there any other physical parts of the computer I should take out before I take a hammer to it?

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    You could save the optical drive mechanism and the fans and even the logic board, but you know, from my experience, whenever I saved all those spare parts, they just sat on the shelf for years. So my advice (besides saving the hard drive and RAM as you suggested) would be to buy the new computer and enjoy it and say bye-bye to the old one, eCycle it...


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    My suggestion is remove the HD, RAM, and optical drive. Keep the optical drive in case you get another iMac, sell the RAM as it will not be the same type of ram, put the HD in an external case, and then sell the rest of the iMac for parts. Someone may be interested in the screen or other parts that may be useful.

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    I'd sell it for spares.

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