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Thread: possibly getting one soon.....used

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    possibly getting one soon.....used
    Hi, before i begin i'll like to say that i am new to this site, and i have never owned a mac in my life, but i have worked on them before. I've been set on buying a new comp/laptop for college and as well for my own use, mainly because i have a piece-of-S dell pc right now, thats family use. I plan to become an art major so a mac seemed like an obvious choice. the reason why i chose a mac is because i'm planning on using photoshop, and music (audio engineering) and i'll edit skateboarding/snowboarding vids for my friends for fun.

    My initial choice was to get a macbook laptop. the macbook seemed more the likely choice because of apples school deal, and the free ipod
    but i'd had doubts because i DO want to do a lil gaming... wow, and maybe the sc2 or (RA3), and if so, then the macbook wont cut it.

    anyways, just recently a friend of mine just told me that he was selling his macpro, roughly around 2,000. He bought of a friend of his, a guy i also know for 2,300... which nate, the orignal owner bought it new. 3,400 before tax. (nate btw sold everything he had...and hitch hiked across the country... weird)

    anyways here are the specs. as far as i know.
    quad core processor 4x 2.4ghz
    2 gigs ram
    2 hard drives, i think they are both either 250 or 500 gigs
    2 monitor outputs
    and he said it had very good graphics

    but there is a catch.... he said that it has trouble starting up and that the OS needs to be reinstalled, but nate lost it a while ago. if buying a new os isnt the case then i dont know if i want to buy it and found out that i need to get a new harddrive. I am taking it soon, to the nearest apple dealer, which is alderwood (i live in WA)

    my question was to know whether anyone would know if reinstalling it would fix the problem....... otherwise i just might get the laptop because the ipod offer ends quick (9/15)

    oh and my uncle is paying $1,400 so i am more than willing to pay the difference

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    73 views and no replies?

    wheres the love? and hopefully i'm going to become a mac lover

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