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    have a quick question?
    Well im at a dilemma my dad is always complaining about windows and i am sick of hearing about it so me and my mom were thinking about saving up and getting him a mac mini for Christmas. But the thing i want to know is should i get 1gb or 2gb of ram my dad doesn't do much but go on the web, but i was thinking to just get the 2gb just to be safe. Seeing as i hear there is going to be an announcement on Sept. 9th maybe they will upgrade the mini. So what do you guys think should i get the mini for him with 2gb or 1gb if they dont update the mac mini on Sept. 9th.

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    1 Gb should be fine for just web browsing, but you can never go wrong with more RAM. I haven't heard anything concrete about the Mini being updated, but if you are waiting for Christmas anyway then I guess you will know before you intend to order anyway. Either way, go with as much RAM as you can afford.

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    I have the cheapest Mac mini. It badly needs memory even for the few apps I use including iWorks. Go for max mem.

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