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    Sleep iMac display with out sleeping external displays?
    Hello all, quick question:

    I am using an iMac (last generation), Intel core 2 duo, 1g running 10.4.11

    For a project, I have two external displays attached (projectors). One is though the mini-dvi port, the other with an external usb graphics card, this guy:

    I want to be able to sleep the iMacs display without turning off the connected displays. My MacBookPro is capable of doing this. The computer needs to be running for an exhibition nonstop for 3 months, and I fear it will overheat while running this unnecessary home display.

    Any thoughts?


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    I don't think you can turn off the iMac display while having an external display on. The MacBook and MacBook Pro machines can operate in "clam shell" mode with the internal display off and external on. However, the built in display on the iMac is not designed to do that.

    I guess it's possible to hack into your iMac and disconnect the display but that's not something I would recommend.


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    Shades is a helpful utility for dimming one of the displays but there is no way I know of to sleep them individually. For a permanent exhibition it would be a good use for an old model Mac Mini.

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    try downloading InsomniaX and see if that helps at all

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