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    Upgrading a G3 b/w
    Firstly, please note my Mac G3 specs. It is a good, sturdy machine that ploughs steadily through almost everything I require of it, but it is slow by today's standards, and falls short in the area of video and some other performance standards. I cannot begin to afford a new computer, my eMac is likely to fail at some stage (the capacitor issue), so ... what about a processor upgrade?

    Enter Powerlogix ZIF card, which would take the G3's speed to approx 1 GHz, a significant step upward. Can anyone proffer good advice about, or has anyone had either good or bad experience of, the following? (US$125 is a questionable investment in an old machine) ...

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    Wish I'd seen that before I bought this Sonnett 1.2 ghz for $300.
    I'd say go for it and max out the ram.
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    Better hope no one ever updated the firmware direct from Apple as they sent
    down code to unknowing owners that made some B&w G3's not upgrade. It was a nasty thing to do,but they needed to sale G4's.

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