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    fastest (speed) way to connect mac to pc
    I have a mac G4 800mhz tower and a standard pc with firewire. I am running the lastest version of Panther (finally) and need to connect these two systems together to xfer VERY large files back and forth. Currently i am able to mount windows and linux shares on the mac using the 100mbit network in the house but this isn't fast enough for 5-10gig video files. The files need to be xfered since the PC currently has the most cost-effective methods to review finalized videos on monitors. Some people have said do firewire-firewire, but this uses TCP/IP overhead and results in a 5Mbyte max connection rate (from what I have seen). Is there a way to do firewire-firewire not using tcp ip??? any other ideas? do I need to resort to a shared firewire drive? TIA

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    Desolate One
    Your network should be fast enough. I've just recently backed up all 10+ GB of music onto another computer here on my network and it didn't take that long. Also backed up all my .mov & .avi files as well. Didn't take more then an hour for the lot of it.

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    Plug in the firewire cable to both computers and hold down "T" on the mac until the firewire screen comes up.

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    What's the "T" for when you hold it? And do you just "hold it"? I mean, what if you're typing or something?

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    What zeppster means is pressing the "T" key while starting up the Mac. This will put the Mac into waht's called the "target disk mode". This means the Mac acts like an external harddisk, making it possible to transfer files from and to it quite fast.

    Allthough I'm not sure if the PC will recognise far as I know, it only works between two Macs.

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