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    what happens if I am dissatisfied with my refurb iMac screen?
    Was looking at picking up the 20" locally from a Best Buy, but recently have read many negative things about the screen. Want to jump at the 24", but the pricetag is very high. Looking at the refurbs, but worried about buying a refurb online. I don't have an Apple store within reach, so if there is a problem I have to pack it up and mail it off (the cost). And if I get stuck pixels out of the box, I will want to ship it back because I can't see myself living with stuck pixels on a machine I just dropped $1500 on. That leads to a 10% restocking fee.

    My mind is telling me to just go to Best Buy and buy locally. Either live with the smaller screen with some issues, or pony up to the big screen. My heart/gut is saying go with the refurb and take a chance.

    How have you guys fared on refurbs?

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    My 24" came with a 500gb hd instead of the ordered 320 and it was perfect when I took it out of the box. I would not hesitate to buy refurb again and I'm going to buy a black macbook next week for $899.

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    The term "refurbished" implies that the computer was factory reconditioned to make it "like-new" - and since Apple refurbs carry the same warranty as their new machines, you could always return it should the display be inadequate.

    My first MacBook Pro was a refurb and it was absolutely perfect. You couldn't tell it from new except that it didn't come in the original box.
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