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    Question Design Student Looking to Buy New iMac
    I was curious, what do you guys recommend for a design student needing a reliable, cost-effective computer? I can't decide between a 20'' and a 24'' and was curious if you guys had any input on what works best for running the Adobe programs and working with photos.

    I would appreciate any additional feedback from anyone who has experience working with these in the field.


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    24" is always better but that depends on your budget

    I don't know which one we have at work, I'll take a look, I am on a mac pro

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    You'll want as big of a screen as your budget allows. I've been doing design and prepress for 16 years (yikes! I'm feeling older now) and there's nothing quite like having a lot of desktop acreage. I recently upgraded to running dual 24" monitors in my office at home (thanks for the "outdated" G5, dear employer) and it's worth the expense. Especially when I'm working on large layouts where there's a lot of stuff going on it's very nice. Best of luck in the studies. I started out in the business as an engineering school drop-out working as a temp with a small start-up company and wound up with a career. Who woulda thunk it?


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    On the other hand, we only have 20" displays in our design agency. They're fine.

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    Both will do what you want nicely. But for screen reale state and cpu/gpu power the 24" is hard to beat in an all in one computer. On the other hand the 20" is the best value for money computer around in my opinion.

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