I recently picked up a 2.0 GHz C2D mini with 2.5 GB of RAM. Everything seems ok with its performance, but when I was running iMovie (with MiniDV), the output seemed to hiccup a few times (just wasn't smooth as silk when playing back what I was working on... which was only 5 minutes worth or some video and titles...no music added).

I tried the same thing on a friends iMac (2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, C2D), but I added music as well. I never burned it to a DVD, but there were no hiccups and the output played very smoothly. The mini is still within its return policy timeframe. Is this what I am to expect when using iMovie... and to a lesser extent, iPhoto? This is about as hard as I am going to push the machine... the rest is just surfing, music and DVDs. I already have a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and 22" LCD, so the mini seemed right for what I needed. I just don't want to have my back up against a wall because I have a machine that is too slow.