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    graphic capabilities on 20" imac

    I have been a pc user for years and I'm just about ready to make the switch to mac, I just have a couple of reservations that I hoped some of you might help me with.

    I'm a graphic designer and I work almost entirely in photoshop, sometimes editing 100mb+ files, I'm not a big gamer but i might occasionally want to play call of duty 4. I'm looking at the 20" IMAC with 2.66 processor and upgrade to 4GB RAM with the ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO 256MB graphics card. I really cant afford the 24" with 512MB graphics card.

    I'm worried that I might regret making the switch if the mac runs abit slowly somtimes - and im well aware that i could get a top of the range pc for my money.

    Can anyone help me and give me an idea weather the above spec will be ok for my requirements?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    THere is a review of Call of Duty (Mac) here

    AS foe general graphics, it will be just fine, we have one at work and its a great workhorse

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    You'll have no problems. Being a 2D program, any GPU from the last few years can run Photoshop with ease. 4gigs of RAM will make it run like a charm.

    The Radeon 2600 can play Call of Duty 4 very well. I'm playing Crysis with everything set on medium at the moment.

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    thats great thanks, another quick question, do you have to play games (like call of duty) through boot camp? or do they work fine in leopard?

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