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    problems with dvd playing
    My G4 quick silver dvd player recently started acting pretty bad. at this point i cannot view a dvd without it freezing it will not play a dvd it will start and freeze has no voice and i have tried every thing i could think of. I also have an external dvd and when I try that one same effect. I started thinking this is a software problem. I installed a new system on another drive that is in this computer and it does the same thing. This one has me stumped the reason being it does it with both dvd players and I installed a fresh system just in case there were a problem with the software. can any one help

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    You can probably eliminate the DVD players and software as a cause which leaves something common to both. Also common to the system itself since you have two drives and the symptom is the same.

    Any freezing occurring with other applications or does it just happen when you use either DVD player? Check other apps to be sure, and also check the activity monitor to see what's going on when it freezes.

    System freezes can be attributed to many things; but the most common are bad memory, hard drive errors, and video problems.


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