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    Cleaning iMac Keyboard
    I just bought an iMac, and I'm interested in what other iMac owners use to clean their keyboard's keys.

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    Be careful.
    I bought my 20" Aluminum iMac in February and when I wiped down my keyboard (iMac powered off) it broke the keyboard. No fluids directly on it, but keys stopped working. My local Apple store replaced it no questions asked though. Very happy with their support.


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    I generally use Windex Wipes (blue plastic baggy kind of packaging) and haven't had a problem yet. I only discovered them after I ran into the same problem Scott did above. Keyboard was only three months old when I got the Cheetoh fingers on it. The rag wasn't dripping wet with liquid (used foamy glass cleaner because that's what I had at the moment) but somehow it just killed my keyboard. With the wipes I just unplug the board, and use one finger wrapped in the wipe to clean the dirty keys. Been working great for me.


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    All I do is dust mine with a Swiffer. If it gets anything on it, I dampen a cloth, and then wring it out until it is nearly dry, and then very carefully wipe off the matter that has gotten on the keyboard. This seems to work well.
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    Thanks for all of the tips. I haven't owned a white keyboard since my Mac Plus, but I remember how dirty they can get.

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