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Thread: B&W hard drive

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    B&W hard drive
    So i just got an 80 GB HD for my B&W, i think it should work, however i think my CD drive died when i was installing OS X(3.4) onto it, it said there was a disc error or something and i couldn't install it agian but i knew the CD was right because i used it prior to install the OS on my 6GB HD with no problems. I've ordered my new CD-RW/DVD drive but i just wanted to make sure that with the B&W i don't need to have the OS in the first 8GB like you do with the Beige systems. this is a Revision 1 machine. Thanks alot!

    I also tried mounting the CD image to a second HD and booting from that HD, it would get the the picture of an apple with a spinning circle at the bottom, then hang there

    I tried mounting the 6GB HD's image(with the OS ans apps installed) onto the 80GB, however after a minute or so it would say i need to restart my computer, not sure why that happenend either

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    Thanks alot it all works grate. now for one last thing. I also had a 40 gig western digital WD400BB-00DEA0 HD in it and formated. I would like to take out the 9gig that it has in it now and put the 40 and put OS 10.3 on it would it work?

    Thanks Jonathan

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    it should work without a problem assuming your CD drive is in working order, however i myself seem to be having trouble with getting my new HD to work

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