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    Compaq ram in a g3 B&W?
    This is my first post as a macer. I have a g3 B&W with 128mb of ram and I have a old compac desktop that has a 256mb chip of pny memory and a 128mb chip of the compaq ram. they are all pc 100 sdr dimm chips. I think that the pny will work but I dont know about the compaq ram so if some one could tell if I can use it or not it would be a grate help to me

    Thanks for an help Jonathan.

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    wow... i just got a B&W as well, it was my first mac too... i had an old gateway with some PC100 RAM in it too... and it did work no problem at all! and 512MB should be enough unless you wanna use photoshop or something, i use photoshop all the time, so i've got a gig in mine now and it screams, but yes it should work, once you boot the OS, click on about this mac to make sure it detected all of it though, ENJOY!

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    As it is PC100 SDRAM, the Compaq RAM should work, unless it is faulty. It's not the brand that says if it works or not, it's the RAM type. The brand is only important when it comes to quality concerns...

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