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Thread: G4 , dual cdrom?

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    G4 , dual cdrom?
    I just got a G4 800mhz that has the CDRW drive in it and I think a zip drive below the cdrom drive. Can I remove the zip and install a DVD- + R/RW drive IDE/66? What drives are compatable with the mac? How do I eject the 2nd drive tray if this does work (assuming it will since the 2nd channel just seems to be a standard IDE channel). I have advanced PC hardware skills, but this G4 is a different and much more interesting world. Also, I have performed searches in the forum, but found nothing exactly on dual optical drives and I am quite new to the mac world as far as supported hardware.


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    As far as I know, the only ever PowerMac G4 that had 2 optical drive bays was the MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors). As the lowest MDD was a 867MHz G4, I presume yours must be a Quicksilver, the predecessor of the MDD.
    Technically you could connect a second optical drive, instead of the ZIP, but the problem is that it wouldn't fit in the case. The upper bay is a 5.25", and the lower bay (the ZIP drive) is a 3.5" bay. Modifying this shouldn't be too easy.

    Ejecting isn't a problem though. When you have a second optical drive attached, you can open the second tray by pressing option+eject on your keyboard (option = alt).
    When I added a DVD burner to my G4 (it came with a Combo), Mac OS X had put a little Eject button on my menubar. Clicking on it gave me the choice which one to open, and showed me the more conveniant keyboard shortcut. :cool:

    The most compatible DVD burners would be Pioneer, as Apple's Superdrive is a Pioneer too.

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