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    what is louder, mini or MacBook?
    Looking to replace my PC desktop with a quiet, little machine. We have a mini in our boardroom, so I've played with it quite a bit. I was thinking this would be the machine to get for home (heaviest lifting would be iMovie and burning to DVD).

    I would put 2GB in the mini... or in a MacBook for that matter. I have contemplated kicking in the extra money and going for a MacBook and using it as my desktop (having the ability to take it mobile on the odd occasion). Which leads me to the posted question... is a MacBook considerably louder than a mini when used as a desktop (most likely shell closed most of the time).


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    A MacBook is quiet. The only time you'll notice a little noise is when running a CPU and\or hard drive intensive routine. (Games, etc.) By noise I'm referring to the fan sound because of an increase of temperature within the machine causing the fan to spin faster in order to provide cooling. The mini is the same.

    I use my MacBook at home as a desktop. I have an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Works great.


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