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    A couple questions about the hardware
    I am pretty new to the hardware of macs because I normally work with PCs. I have a couple questions about the Mac Pro.

    Firstly, from what I can tell, I'm assuming that the Mac Pro doesn't support a SLI config or a Crossfire config but it does support multiple video cards. Is this correct? Am I also correct in assuming that when you have multiple video cards, this doesn't actually speed up GPU processes, it just allows for extra monitors?

    Second, if I wanted to be able to use SLI, would I be able to build a custom PC and take the parts from a Mac Pro and stick them into another mobo that support SLI. AKA are there parts in a Mac Pro that won't work outside of the Mac Pro motherboard? Or any problems I'll run into with support of hardware in a case.

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    1. You are correct

    2. Macs are just PCs with Apple motherboards and a shiny OS. They use the same ram and graphics cards as seen in PCs, so you can use Mac Pro cards and ram in a similar PC

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    Can I use any graphics card in my Mac?

    For instance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trogger View Post
    Can I use any graphics card in my Mac?

    For instance,
    You can certainly use it in your Mac, however, it may be another matter getting it to work if you can't find drivers for OS X.


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    Where can I find mac drivers for cards? the ATI/Nvidia websites?

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    Nvidia's website would be the best place to start looking for drivers.
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