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    G5 Dual 2.5 RAM capacity
    Hi Guys,

    Is it true that my 4/5 year old PPC G5 Dual 2.5 can actually have 16GB of ram and not the 8 Gb that i thought (and that Crucial Memory say is the max). I hear there are 2Gb sticks that can go into all 4 banks of 2?????

    Cheers guys!


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    The Quad G5 can access 16GBs, but the Dual can only access 8GBs. Now I have seen chat forums saying otherwise, and a couple of less reputable RAM resellers also claiming you can have 16GBs, but I have yet to see anyone actually claim they have 16GBs of RAM in their dual G5.

    Quite honestly I would trust Crucial.
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    thanks man, i just spoke to crucial and my machine definitely cant take it coz of the type of RAM it supports.

    Cheers for the help

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    Let's know how you go? There is a difference between being capable of fitting it and what the processor can actually see.

    This goes all the way back to Sawtooth G4's with 2GB memory using classic. OS 9 could only access 1.5GB and that is what the System Profiler showed.

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