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    Help with crashing imac
    I've got a 17" imac intel - about two years old. It has recently starting crashing frequently. The machine originally came with os 9 but I upgraded to os x. I want to wipe the hard drive - thinking that will help - but I have a problem/question.

    When I upgraded to os x I did so off my friends family account license. I do not own os x. I do however own three macbooks that all originally came with os x. Can I reboot my imac with one of my macbook start-up discs???

    Never tried this before and think it needs to be done but I am open to suggestions.

    BTW - I have a time capsule and already have a complete back up of my imac data.

    Any thoughts????

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    Firstly check with Apple Docs for the latest firmware update for your iMac, as you did not supply model details. Then go out and purchase OS X as the discs that came with any other computer will not boot the iMac.

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    Your info doesn't add up.

    No Intel Mac came with OS 9. They stopped shipping OS 9 on any machine in 2002.

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