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    Entourage virus - help please
    I can't use Entourage despite deleting the programme and re-installing, each time I do it loads all my old e-mails back, which I am sure have a virus amongst them - can someone help please? I have installed Virex which won't update either = gives me an error msg - but I did manage to do it manually from the dot mac page - now running Virex 7.5 but it doesn\t seem to pick anything up...

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    What makes you think you have a virus?

    Anyway, did you delete the Microsoft User Data folder in your documents folder?
    That is where your mail is kept.
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    You may have received a virus from a Windows-using "friend," but it's not harmful. Don't panic; you don't need to delete your eMail. There are no viruses that infect Mac OS X.

    I'd suggest you ignore Virex. Virex will detect Windows viruses, even though your Mac is quite immune.

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    What makes you think you have a virus?

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