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Thread: Imac woes...

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    Imac woes...

    I am wondering what to do? I got an imac about 2 mths ago and it was great iuntil 5 dyas ago. I only use it for office word. Nothing heavy. but now whe i open word it heats to 60-80C and is slow to scroll??? in word and slow to close and slow to shut off??? It is like my old 486, if anyone remember those. Anyway what could be the problem?? This is like brand new it has 500g 3.06 pro?? What gives? I am really annoyed. I now wish i went windows. Any ideas? I called Apple they had me restart it but i is the same.


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    What version of Word? Only Word 08 works natively on Intel Macs.

    Word 04 has to run through an invisible emulation program called Rosetta.

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    The machine should not be heating up when only running MS Word regardless of which version of Word it is. Unless there's something else that's going on in the background temperatures of 60-80 C are high. If that continues, I suggest making an appointment with your local genius at the Apple store. Take it in and have them look at. Since it's only two months old it's still under warranty.


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    Yes, I am going to do that. The only thing too though is that the comp does not always do this?? It does it like every third or so time, and if I restart it immediatly cools back to normal. Intially I thought there was something running in the background but I was unable to see anything and I certainly didn't start any programs. Thanks for input.

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    I am using Word 2004, but it worked perfectly up untilrecently so I doubt that is any issue.

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