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    iMac 24" keeps shutting off...?!
    I've recently pruchased an iMac 24" and am very pleased with it.
    In the past couple of days it keeps shutting off after every few minutes. I checked the power cords, they're fine. I even did the internal hardware test, and it seems to all be good.
    What could it be?1
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    It may be a fan. My macbook pro was doing the same thing. Had it looked at and was told one of the fans was bad. If you recently purchased the iMac, it may still be under warranty.

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    It's possible your new iMac is overheating and shutting down in order to protect components. Could be a defective fan or thermal sensor. Since the machine is probably still under warranty, return it to the store for a replacement or repair.


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    install istatpro and see what the temps are and the fan speeds.

    see my speeds/temps so you can compare.... My imacs been on for several hours.
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    What's 'too hot' though? Most of my temps are about 10C higher than those :-)

    Take it back to the shop and get a replacement.

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